Joseph Abrams Provides a Free Consultation and Flexible Fee Plans

To help the client make an informed decision, Mr. Abrams offers a free consultation to provide prospective clients with a direct and honest assessment of their case and answer all their questions and concerns.

Law Office of Joseph Abrams offers flexible fee options to meet the needs of their clients, including hourly and flat fee retainer agreements.

With an hourly fee retainer agreement, legal services are billed by the hour. The retainer fee is fully refundable for any unbilled work. The actual cost to the client will vary depending on the type of case and its complexity.

With a flat fee retainer agreement, a one-time fee is paid up-front and covers all legal services throughout the entirety of the case. This provides cost certainty to the client regardless of the type of case and its complexity.

For convenience of payment, Law Office of Joseph Abrams accepts cash, checks, bank transfers, and all major credit cards.

Law Office of Joseph Abrams makes things right. Contact us today.