Law Office of Joseph Abrams Provides Federal Sentencing Advocacy in Orange County and throughout Southern California

Joseph Abrams provides expert federal sentencing advocacy to individuals and organizations facing sentencing on federal charges in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

Prior to starting his own law practice, Mr. Abrams spent his legal career working for the federal judiciary as a sentencing specialist and presentence supervisor, and served as the exclusive sentencing liaison to a sitting federal district court judge in the Central District of California.

During his career, Mr. Abrams worked on more than 1,000 federal criminal matters, covering virtually every type of federal offense and circumstance. Over the course of his career, Mr. Abrams developed expertise knowledge in the federal sentencing guidelines, federal sentencing statutory and case law, and sentence mitigation advocacy.

Mr. Abrams gained recognition within the judiciary, and among the federal defense bar, as a sentencing guidelines expert and a trusted source for matters involving federal sentencing.

Law Office of Joseph Abrams serves Orange County and all of Southern California, including: Los Angeles, South Bay, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial County.

Mr. Abrams brings a unique perspective to criminal defense practice, as a former federal officer who was considered by many judges as the ‘go-to’ for complex sentencing analyses. I was consistently impressed with his ability to analyze difficult sentencing issues and present them in a compelling way to the Court, and judges consistently found him persuasive.”

Joshua M. Robbins, White Collar Defense Attorney & Litigator, Buchalter Law Firm, Former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Central District of California

I’ve worked with Joe for more than 20 years on a number of cases. He’s bright, hard-working and has a deep and detailed knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.”

H. Dean Steward, Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, Former Directing Attorney of the Federal Public Defender’s Office, Central District of California

I contacted Mr. Abrams for a federal drug sales charge. I was facing 16 – 40 years in prison. I had already been through two attorneys and was ready to give up when I found Joe. Not only was he extremely affordable, he was more knowledgeable in the Federal system than anyone I had met. I was scared to death but Joe put me at ease. He handled it and got the job done, exceeding my expectations. He beat the odds and got me the absolute minimum sentence of 5 years even though I was categorized as a career offender. Throughout the process he was always available to take my calls and kept me updated, informed, and eased my mind throughout. I would recommend this man to anyone facing federal criminal charges.”

Brad A. , Former Client

After retiring from the federal judiciary,

Mr. Abrams founded Law Office of Joseph Abrams.

Mr. Abrams went into private practice to use the knowledge and skills he developed over more than two decades, to help ordinary people who find themselves facing federal charges to achieve the best possible outcome in their cases.

Mr. Abrams carefully guides his clients through each stage of the plea and sentencing process. At each turn, Mr. Abrams brings expert knowledge and uncompromising advocacy to achieve a fair and just sentence for his clients, including:

  • Obtaining the defendant’s release on bond
  • Negotiating the terms of the plea agreement
  • Appearing in court for the change-of-plea
  • Accompanying the defendant to the presentence interview
  • Preparing and submitting the sentence mitigation memorandum
  • Advocating on behalf of the defendant at the sentencing hearing

If you or a loved one are facing federal charges or are awaiting federal sentencing, you need to talk to an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with expert knowledge of federal sentencing practice and advocacy, and who will get to know you as an individual in addition to the facts of your case to present the best sentence mitigation argument possible.

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